Monday, April 11, 2016

Help for Bandit

Sometimes “rescuing an animal” means that we find the animal who is suffering alone and needs help to cross the Rainbow Bridge. This was the case for Bandit. Bandit has been a street dog in Redby for some 10 years. His owner had died according to Shawn, who called on Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue to pick up Bandit who laid immobile on the ground at a residence in Redby. He was unable to walk and was clearly dying alone and in the elements.

At the age of ten, which is very old for a dog that is homeless, he had lived long past his life span. Perhaps a victim of hit by car or congestive heart failure from untreated heartworm. Several attempts had been made to rescue Bandit in past years, but he was elusive and would not have it. He seemed to love his freedom and had friends such as Shawn in the village who fed him when he passed by. 

Now he had no way to avoid the help of four people who gently placed his limp body on a pallet covered with blankets and lifted the old boy into the RLRR van. He looked at each as if to say “thank you” for helping me.

Bandit peacefully and quietly crossed the Rainbow Bridge today, no longer suffering. May he rest in peace.
This is not the kind of rescue we hope for, but it is a necessary and meaningful one. Thank you to our supporters who help bear the burden. 

Karen and RLRR


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

pitbull friend said...

I'm so sorry, Karen. Thank you for the kindness you showed this poor old guy.

Jennifer Odegaard said...

You all were his Angel he so needed. RIP Bandit, I'm greatful you did not die alone and knew love and compassion

nanny54ification said...

Thanks for being there to help him when he needed you.

nanny54ification said...
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Ms. Shawnee1962 said...

Thank you for helping him on his journey....we hope to see him again on the other side...he was a good boy.

Anonymous said...

rest in peace bandit. you were the most beautiful dog i have seen around redby. rare from all of the others, you always reminded me of a wolf. the dominate around all of redby. I always wondered where you have went, haven't seen you roam around redby like you usually do. Rest In Peace big guy.

Anonymous said...

:'( Rest in Peace, Big Guy.
Beautiful eulogy Karen.


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