Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lily the Chihuahua- Lucky to be alive!

You ask yourself- “How much food does it take to sustain a Chihuahua?” When Lily came last week to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, she had a protruding backbone and hips. Her ribs were showing and her sternum was sticking out with no flesh on it. We wondered how Lily could possibly get in this condition?

The person who rescued Lily stated that Lily had spent the winter outdoors besides being starved. We do not know how this little girl survived. 

On arrival, she began eating small soft meals and little by little began to eat at a normal rate. She had a nice dry bed in a warm house. No more outdoor living for her.

Understandably, it was taking a while to gain her trust as she was not treated well at all in her former home. She was just lucky to be alive.

But now, her luck has changed, and after a few days at the shelter, she left for a great foster home with Pet Haven. We are told her foster dad has other small dogs and we know her hard times are over.

RLRR wants to let people know that small breed dogs are NOT to be left outdoors to fend for themselves. Many tragic stories are reported about small breeds that become victims of predators, hit by cars and 4 wheelers, and many freeze to death in the winter. A small breed dog needs to be cared for indoors in a loving environment with food and water provided on a continual basis.

We want to thank the food providers and funders, transporters, rescues and great foster homes the Red Lake animals are getting. You are all appreciated and are saving the lives of animals like Lily.

Karen and RLRR


MLang said...

So glad Lily is now being cared for in a wonderful foster home!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Lily was able to recover. Great news!!
Wonderful job RLRR and foster dad!!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible, little survivor! May the rest of her days be filled with comfort, love, and joy. Thank you RLRR and foster dad!!

Eileen Campbell said...

Oh my how lucky this sweet girl was to be found by that wonder caring person. So happy Lily has found an amazing Foster family to care for her until she finds her forever family.

Eileen Campbell said...
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