Friday, April 22, 2016

PJ's story: “Free To Good Home”-- Not a good idea

PJ who became known fondly as “Pajama Pants” had a stroke of luck when Nancy O’ Sullivan, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue board member and volunteer, saw a posting on Craig’s List for “Free to Good Home” -- a 6-year-old Havanese Cuban Bichon male dog. 

Nancy, with her experience, knew this could be very bad for PJ and went into action to save this boy and get him safely to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue on April 12th.

What a good boy he was and housetrained, too! PJ immediately moved into the cathouse and was a guest for only 5 days -- just long enough to get burrs in his feet and make friends at the shelter :-)


RLRR wants to warn people that when you post an animal on a public forum like Craig’s List as “Free to Good Home” many times it is really bad for the animal. They could end up in the wrong hands as a bait dog (for fighting dogs), or even used in research. 

Asking for a fee can help, but it is more responsible for you as the animal guardian, if you cannot keep your animal, to surrender to a reputable animal shelter or humane society where he/she will have a chance for a good home. And, obviously, don't just dump the animal to fend for itself.

In this case, PJ got a great opportunity. He left on transport Saturday, April 16th for a great foster home with Pet Haven. Our special thanks to Nancy who spotted the posting and sprang into action! And, as always, thanks to our transport volunteers and rescue partners.

Karen and RLRR 

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