Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Margo's good life

This is the prego mom I took last August from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She had 10 pups  August 14! She was very high energy, but very sweet and it looks like she got herself an awesome home!!

Believe it or not, emailing you was on our list of many things to do over Spring Break this past week; we can now cross off our second (that’s right, only second!) item! Whew!

Mercedes had a name change to Margo, and she is absolutely wonderful! Your hurricane description is still very apt but we are doing our best to find ways she can channel that energy! We go to the dog park regularly which has been a lifesaver for everyone. We’re almost done with Round 1 of obedience training at TCOTC and she has responded fantastically, as you’d probably expect.

She just came back from a weekend camping trip with Ben on the North Shore and had a great time being in the woods 24 hours a day. Margo is incredibly sweet and gentle with baby Rosemary and tries to engage Addie in play, but Addie is content to fetch and watch Margo from a safe distance. It’s a little hard to blame the old dog! ;)

We’ve done a little digging and are pretty sure she is a Mountain Cur (and probably lab) mix. This explains the prey-drive a little more completely and also her unique physical features. She’s enjoyed the prey/“nature" traipsing through our backyard and spends most of her inside-time staring out the windows! We are so lucky to have Margo and hope she feels the same way about us!

Thank you so much for fostering her; she was incredibly fortunate to have you!!!

Julia and Ben

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