Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kennels winterized before the cold :-)


At the end of October, David and I made our now yearly trip to Red Lake Rosie's to winterize the kennels. Again this year we were able to watch over the shelter and its inhabitants while Karen got a much needed break to spend a few days away and celebrate her birthday with family. 

We were happy to see many of our old friends including Karen's house dogs Riley and Mouser and Sena, as well as Wolfman, Ladybug, Sheila and Cooper, permanent residents back at the shelter. We made new friends too, including the gentle giant Beastie Boy. He's enormous, but when you put a lead on him to take him back to his kennel he walks quietly by your side. Hopefully by this time Beastie has found a foster home.

The weather was so beautiful we almost felt bad putting plastic on the kennels but we knew that temps in the 60s were not going to last. With temps what they are now at Red Lake I'm so glad we got it done. Thanks to my brother in law Darryl for donating the heavy duty plastic which keeps wind, cold and snow out of the kennels while allowing sunlight and hopefully a bit of solar gain in. 

We have this plastic thing almost down to a science after doing it for a few years and that was fortunate because we had plenty else to keep us busy. Although the shelter was technically closed while Karen was away, she was still on the job over the phone and made arrangements for a litter of seven pups and a litter of three pups to be transported to the shelter. We also took in a pregnant female from the White Earth reservation who was going to be shot. Thanks to Theresa from WERFUR for making that long drive.
David made friends with all the cat house residents (of course) and we both fell for a little dog who was also living in the cat house. Neither of us are really small dog people, but Rose, a Chihuahua/Basenji( ?) mix won us over completely. We can NEVER resist letting the kitties into the bedroom in the cathouse even though it's officially frowned upon! Rose and the cats loved cuddling on the bed.

I was fortunate to get foster placement for all the pups that came in during Karen's absence, so when we left, hours before Karen's return, we had a full car load! We took Tasha and her four pups and the litter of seven and the litter of three. 

With all the pups that come through the shelter, you would think Karen would get a little jaded, but she insisted on seeing photos of the ones she had missed in her absence. After all these years and so many dogs, that's how much she still cares!!

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