Friday, December 19, 2014

Victoria and BethAnn, partner moms

Victoria, the little red dog, came to PUP dog rescue in St. Paul, MN, from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue.  She arrived with 2 newborn pups, but was grieving the loss of three stillborn pups. Within a day, she was pressed into service as a foster mom, when another dog at PUP, BethAnn, gave  birth to 10 puppies and could not cope. Victoria happily adopted 3 of BethAnn's puppies.

Victoria is a Shiba Doxie mix who is weaning 5 puppies. She is a highly athletic dog who easily jumps over a baby gate and this week she demonstrated she can jump over a 4' fence.  That doesn't mean she wants to run away, it only means she wants to be where her person is.  She is also a serious player, adapting her play style to her companion.  

In the first video, BethAnn, who is a boxer cross, is playing in her natural way -- boxing! Victoria, the little red dog, has adapted to BethAnn's play style and gives as good as she gets. Both dogs are available for adoption December 2014.

In the video with Sasha, the Shepherd/Golden cross, Victoria switches to run/chase games.Shasha is also a rescue from a reservation and is available for adoption. He had 3 tick bites that got slightly infected and the vet shaved off some hair, but it will grow back!

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