Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kitten rescued from the trash

This little kitten that we have named Endora was abandoned at the Red Lake garbage dump in a paper Pampers box. She is only two pounds and very lucky she did not freeze to death before she was rescued! We are grateful to ACT V for offering to take her in to foster care.

Sometimes it's just too much...
This is Endora ~ she will arrive Wednesday.
She was left in the dumpster in a paper box. She only weighs two pounds.
Thank God for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who saved her life and for Courtney B. who stepped up to take her on such short notice.
Honestly, if the world only knew how much we love our foster families... they are unsurpassable.
We have such respect for you and your level of dedication.

Endora arrived safely last night and was tucked in with Vicki for the evening.
She's a busy little girl and likes to move!
It won't be long before she's available for adoption. She'll move to her foster home once we coordinate with CB (her foster mom.)

Endora is doing well in her foster home. The resident cats have met her and so far so good. She is an absolute doll and her foster mom doesn't think she'll be fostering for very long...


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