Friday, December 5, 2014

Fiona, Part II

On September 27th, I met Tom and Nancy for a transport of animals from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to the cities, my truck was quite full and there was one more dog to squeeze in. Since there was no way her kennel was going to fit, I said to Tom and Nancy, "This one's riding shotgun with me" and so she did.

As I do with every transport, we had long conversations. It's quite amusing, and Fiona was truly listening. We became instant buddies. As we got closer to the humane society, I said to her, "What do ya think?" Our eyes just locked...and let's just say, we blew past her stop, and I'm so glad we did!!!

I was very nervous as we approached home, not knowing anything about her past, I was a little concerned how she would be with my other two dogs and cat.

She was very frightened to come in the house and didn't eat for almost a week. When I brought her to our vet, she was treated for Lymes disease and an intestinal worm that's not much seen here in the Cities. I had to give her a huge syringe of medication orally for ten days, but she was so good with that.

After trying 15 different foods, I finally nailed it...rabbit from Chuck and Don's Pet Food Outlet. It figures because it was the most expensive choice! HaHaHa! Now she's eating what the other dogs eat and rabbit just for a treat.

She gets along with all my other buddies, and yes, she made it in the house after a few pushes and is just loving it!!! It was funny watching her cross the threshold. At first she cowered severely when I would put her on a leash, but now she can't wait for walks.

I truly believe for Fiona (now named Sheba), it's like Christmas morning every time she wakes up on her big comfy couch. She is so appreciative of her new family...that's what I just love about all these wonderful dogs that come into our lives from the reservation.

Thank you, Karen Good, for your kind and generous heart.


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