Thursday, December 25, 2014

A precious new life at Christmastime

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call from a lady in Rice Lake, a community on the White Earth Reservation that a female dog would need to be taken or would be shot. Our friends Bill, Teresa, and Cassie responded and brought CiCi to the RLRR shelter.

Karen then reached out to Jenny (Leech Lake Legacy, Program Director) about Cici. We suspected she was pregnant so we reached out to our amazing temp foster, Heidi, who immediately agreed to take Cici until she had her puppies.

I felt like a kid waiting for Santa to come on Christmas night! I was filled with excitement waiting for Cici, my first mother, to have her babies.

Cici is just one of the many precious reservation animals who made her way into our teams helping hands and open hearts. Cici is wonderful, a gentle soul and a sweet spirit. What a great girl she is, having her around is a treat.

Saturday, December 20th, around 2:00am she woke up and I knew it was time. Shortly before 8:00am a beautiful baby girl was born. Her name would be Gabriella, Gabby. I was overwhelmed with emotion. It was just magic; that's the first birth I've ever seen! More then excited I was just in awe. Well one hour goes by, two hours go by and no more babies. Long story short with the guidance and advice of Dr Vicki, Jean, and Julie, Cici was going to the vet. An x ray showed an empty uterous. Cici had a litter of ONE! Didn't see that one coming! However, relieved we went home to rest.

Cici is a mother in every sense of the word. She is caring, watchful, diligent. She loves that little girl, and I wonder if having just one increases her nurturing or if she is just naturally a great mother. 
It is my absolute pleasure to be apart of Cici, and of course Gabby's story. 

From Cici, Gabby, and myself a big thanks to everyone!

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SF said...


I believe Cici may be a sibling of Gilda, our rescue dog from RLRR. In April 2014, my partner and I adopted Gilda - at the time, her name was "Gypsy Rose" - from Pet Haven, a cat and dog rescue organization based in Minneapolis, MN.

The resemblance is uncanny. I know we can not take on another dog at this time, but I want to help Cici get to a good home, in anyway I can. If Cici's foster parents or adoptive parents would like to know a bit about her bloodline, temperament, etc, I would be more than welcome to share what we have learned and continue to learn about Gilda.

I may be reached at lemmanie . A T . gmail dot com.

- Mel


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