Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fiona, Part I

Fiona arrived as a very frightened girl on Memorial Day from the town of Red Lake. She arrived with another scared little puppy. They were put in kennels and so began their healing.

Fiona would not leave the kennel at first despite urging. Finally after a week, I opened the kennel door and let her come out as she felt safe and comfortable. Little by little she inched her way out, and although she was aloof, finally made friends with some of the other dogs.

It was soon discovered that she already had been spayed at one of our clinics, but a test sadly showed she was positive for heartworm. She was treated at the Cornerstone Vet and after waiting several weeks was retested and was negative. She was scheduled to go to a humane society.

But Fiona's life took a turn on the transport. Read tomorrow's post to learn what happened!


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