Monday, November 10, 2014

Mama Tasha, now Charlotte, finds a home

This dog was surrendered on the day her pups were born. Red Lake Rosie's Rescue found the little family without food or shelter. Read more about her story in the original blog post HERE. Once the puppies were weaned, all moved to foster care and John took in Tasha (now Charlotte) and found her a home to love her.

Congratulations J~ & A~ and Charlotte on finding each other! I know you're going to make a great family together. Boys, I expect regular updates and the occasional visit from my little girl.

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Jo Tallchief said...

Her stress level when Polly and I picked her up was about 2 million/ off the charts, but she didn't snap or bite, or even growl. She was just super cooperative. So glad she found a good home! We'll be taking another little sweetheart out to Karen's tonight. Thankfully she was abandoned at Polly's house last night (as opposed to the dump ground in this cold weather). :)


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