Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter straw supply arrives

With winter approaching, the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue is well prepared thanks to ABE! Fund providing the 300 bales of straw that was recently delivered. Straw is critical as an insulator to keep the dogs warm during the long and harsh winters here. It is also used as banking for the cattery to prevent the water pipes from freezing up.

The dogs love the dry straw and make their beds in it. Mona just arrived last night with her newborn litter of 7 puppies who were born yesterday in a dog house in Red Lake with no bedding at all. Now they are happy and warm!!

Lady Bug is admiring the dog house and the straw which she cuddles in to keep warm.

RLRR is able to save many dogs and puppies from hypothermia thanks to the straw supply we have. We also provide straw to community dogs who would otherwise have nothing for shelter.

Thank you ABE! Karen

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