Monday, November 3, 2014

Harmon hits another homerun!

Karen - this is one of the 11 lab pups that I had - nice update AND of course they love baseball so that is why this kid is named Harmon - after one of the all-time great Twins, Harmon Killebrew.

Hi Linda!

Our summer could not have been better! Harmon is the most wonderful addition to our little family and we love him so, so much!

Since our last communication, Harmon has grown a lot! He's now 45 pounds, but still thinks he's just a little guy... he seems to enjoy "mountain climbing" on us as we're playing with him or laying in bed. He completed his first round of training at Canine Coach! in Minneapolis, and did super well (except for peeing on his teacher the first night...). :) He listens super well and is now finally getting the hang of "shake." 

Harmon is very loved by our families. Our parents call him their "grandpuppy" and spoil him accordingly! He also has two doggy "aunts" and a doggy "uncle" that he gets to play with! They run and wrestle and love being together. They are so fun to watch. Harm also enjoys the dog park nearby, adventuring through Ritter Farm Park, or walking in downtown Lakeville, where he may get the occasional ice cream treat. This summer we took him swimming at the lake many nights, though he's still getting the hang of that. If his doggy aunt is there, he will usually jump right in-- he just needs the encouragement! :) He still has a lot of energy so we like to wear him out as much as we can!

We couldn't have asked for a dog with a better temperament! He is definitely our companion! He absolutely MUST be with us at all times when we're at home. :) Either snuggled up next to us on the couch or sitting on the rug in the kitchen while we cook, he just loves to be with us, which is really special to us. He also loves blankets (he will even drag one around the house occasionally), sticks, and playing tug. He also assumes that every person he sees wants to be his friend! If he sees someone walking, he wants to meet them! 

We could not be more thankful for our little fur baby and are so appreciative of your heart to give these pups a home until they find their forever home! Thanks for everything you do! Attached are some pics of our baby for you to enjoy! :)

K&D (and Harmon)

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