Friday, September 6, 2013

Sora gets her Canine Nosework 1 Title!

This past weekend, Sora (formerly Crimson from Animal Ark and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue) and I went to Burlington, Wisconsin, to participate in her, and my, first National Association of Canine Scent Work trial.  
Nosework is a fairly new dog sport based on detection dog training, where dogs search in 4 elements: containers, interiors (inside a room for example), exteriors (outdoors), and vehicles (on the outside of cars) for a specific odor (one of 3 essential oils, birch, anise or clove). 

At NW1 level the searches are only for Birch.   In order to participate in an NW1 trial, they must pass an Odor Recognition Test on the specific odor for their level; Sora passed her ORT, in February of this year. 
 I enrolled Sora in Nosework to help build her confidence, and is has been an amazing benefit for her. Through all the new things she had to deal with this weekend, she was able to accommodate them and overcome her worry; Nosework has a profound and positive effect on anxious or reactive dogs.

This was Sora's first big trip, first time away from home alone with mom, and first trial.  We have been training for a year and a half, she started on odor last summer.  As this was her first trial, I did not expect her to do well with all the things that were new to her this weekend. 

 I'm very proud and pleased to report that my not-so-little 'Rez dog', qualified in all 4 elements and got her NW1 title in her first trial!  Not only that, she was 3rd fastest on vehicles!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this sweet and special dog.  I couldn't be prouder of her.

G~ and Sora

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Denise said...

Sora's adopter commented the me that, "And the beauty is any dog of any age can do this sport. Thanks again for rescuing her."

This might be good for other ex-rez dogs :-)


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