Thursday, February 28, 2013

Samson: In Memorium

Hi Karen,
I just wanted to let you know Samson went over the Rainbow Bridge this morning at around 10am. 
I am crying tears of grief as I write this, but we just could not let Sam suffer any longer.  We were able to manage his pain pretty well up until a few days ago.  We called our vet and he said that it was time to let Sam go.  We know that this is what had to happen, but it does not lesson our grief. 
He was such a good dog, and we loved him so much. He will always have a special place in my heart, as he was so loving and kind.  I want to thank you again for saving him.  We gave him all of the love and devotion we could, and we will miss him until the end of our days.

Love, Maggie and Dan

Samson's story was on the blog on May 23, 2008 so you can see the background.  Samson was a wonderful dog who came back to visit Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and on his return did not go to the kennel where he had lived, but went in as a guest in the cathouse- where he demonstrated all the social graces he had learned from Dan and Maggie. 

It is a sad day today.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for loving this boy! I hope your hearts are filled with joy knowing you were chosen and
blessed to share your lives with
beautiful Samson. We now share in
your grief.

pitbull friend said...

Dear Maggie and Dan:

Thanks so much for all the love you shared with Samson! He was a great one.
-Ellen W.


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