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Catching up with Milo: Nov. 2012


Catching up with friends

1 November 2012

Milo stopped in to visit his pals at the local pet supply store.

They were very pleased to see him, but I've found that they are enablers of his shop-lifting habit!  You see, they place their bins of treats right on nose level so what's a guy to do?   He even snagged and discarded a few cat toys just to see if they MIGHT be food.  Silly!

Give me some love

Sunday, November 11

Milo had a big week last week.  He appeared as a special guest for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue at a fundraiser called Pause for Paws.  It was a pretty swanky event with a heavy hors d'oeuvres dinner, drinks, silent auction, music, auction and booths for rescues that were being supported by the monies raised.  The venue was an entertainment center so it was kind of like walking into a nightclub environment.

Needless to say, Milo has never been exposed to an environment like this!  It was kind of crazy.  We arrived to find lines of people out the door, but were ushered in since we are part of a booth.  Milo took the opportunity to nose touch any hand in reach to see if they might pet him so it took a bit of coaxing to get him inside the building!  Once inside it was crowds of people and dogs being walked around.  Milo was a bit nervous so I was relieved when we located the Collie Rescue booth.  Milo was relieved because they had a basket of chicken strip treats on the table for which which he immediately dove and knocked to the floor.  Yeehaw!

Overall he did very well, but he was a bit nervous and overwhelmed with all of the action and distractions so it was difficult for people to get good photos of him.  Here are a few that actually worked:

Milo draws a crowd
Milo visited the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue booth to thank them for helping him.
He checked the table for treats!

Confessions of a post teenage shoplifter

Wednesday, November 21

Every time we visit Chuck and Don's pet food store, Milo visits with all of his friends who have witnessed his transformation over the last few months.  They have commented on how much he has blossomed in both looks and personality.  He is so much more outgoing and happy now that he is more healthy.  It is a delight to hear that testimony from people that have watched his journey.

However, when we are at the pet food store I need to keep a sharp eye on him because he is a terrifically sly thief.

Milo accompanied me around the store greeting people and even sat nicely for a treat from one of the workers.  After we purchased our items and were on our way out the door, I turned away for a second and he snagged a treat out of a bin!  He has very fast reflexes when it comes to treats for sure.

Milo's comment on his pick pocket status? 

photo mash up

November 21, 2012

Here are some photos I took of Milo and friends today.

Give Thanks

22 November 2012

Thanks to all of the people who volunteer, donate and support efforts like Minnesota Collie Rescue, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and rescues in general which help animals like Milo, Leo and Sabrina find new hope and health so that they may experience life and a find their future full of love, treats, snuggles and pets in a forever home.

You're my best friend...

Leo and Milo.  Leo is the one with the enormous prick ears. 

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