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Catching up with Milo: Oct. 2012


Stock dog?

Sunday, October 21

Milo had a very big day today.  He met sheep up close and personal which was very exciting for him.  He has seen livestock on many occasions, but has never been given the opportunity to work them due to his compromised health.

I kept his session very brief as Milo is still not 100% healthy.  He needed no encouragement to gather up the sheep.  He changed direction and brought them to me several times, which shows natural gathering instinct.  He wasn't confident about going between the stock and the fence, but I think with time he will become more confident about that.  He did some force barking - barking to try to get the livestock to move - but that is common with green dogs when they are trying to sort out what makes them "go".  Milo was very excited about this new opportunity.  He came to me on several occasions to make sure he was being a good boy, but went back to work when I told him he was being a good boy.

I took him out before he got too tired and also for the first few times it is best to quit the dog while they want more - before they get too tired mentally and physically.

 It was a VERY exciting day for Milo!

His fur is beginning to come in nicely.  In the last week I've found 3 ticks on him.  Two were deer ticks and one wood tick so I used Frontline on him yesterday.  I've not found any ticks on the other dogs.

You've come a long way, baby!

October 26, 2012

Big news!  Milo now weighs in at 65 lbs which is 2 lbs more than Leo. 

Milo's check up from his August surgery is looking good. Still has the dis-solvable stitches - which is not normal - but surgery site looks good. Concerned about his cough and heavy breathing although lungs sound clear.  They took blood to do a titer so they could check for tick borne diseases that may have eluded the SNAP test. 

Leo's SNAP 4dx test came up positive for anaplasmosis so he is on a 28 day regimen of doxycycline.   Worrying because Milo recently had 3 embedded ticks on him.  

This is a GREAT reason to ask your vet about the adding the tick test to your annual heartworm test.  It is a little more expensive, but in the long run very worth it to know so you can treat your dog early before they show symptoms.  The SNAP 4dx test will test for heartworm, Lyme disease, erlichiosis and anaplasmosis.  All best treated early in the disease.  Leo is the 3rd dog I've had to have a tick disease show up with an annual test.   Off my soapbox now... 

Milo's fur is coming in lush and thick and he looks and acts like a completely different dog than when he first arrived.  He now can concentrate on playing and learning new skills - like a recall in a situation with distractions(!)    

He is a good boy, but can suddenly disappear only to be found with new "friends" - both canine and human.  

Here are some photos taken today with our collie pals at the park.  

Then... and now

October 26, 2012

Milo in June

Milo in June at 50 lbs

Milo near the end of October at 65 lbs!

Safe haven

29 October, 2012

At about 8 pm Milo disappeared last night.  It was unusual for him not to be in a spot where he could keep an eye on me.  I knew he was in the house somewhere.  I looked in the basement.  No Milo.  I went into the bedroom and there was Sabrina crashed out on a dog bed.

After turning on the light I checked the crate and this what I found:

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