Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evan & bff Kita

Look who came to have a bath and groom! EVAN! He was surrendered at the August 2012 clinic, in Redby. As you can see he is doing great!
He wasn't a fan of the bath and dry, but did wonderful and looked beautiful after it was all done! Notice the pheasant feathers that decorate his ear!!!
The Miniature Schnauzer is Kita, Evan's best friend in his forever home! They are always together whether it is in the house or outside hunting squirrels and rabbits!! They have a wonderful family and are much loved!
Evan's mom says he is the most amazing dog, the most wonderful dog, the smartest dog! He can glide over baby gates, roll over for a treat, and melt the hearts of all.

Hope this finds you well. I look forward to seeing you at the clinics in 2013!!!

Whine & Tease Grooming Salon

 Check out earlier blog post about Evan :-)

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Anonymous said...

How precious and sweet are these
two little ones!


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