Sunday, February 3, 2013


It is so nice to get an update on one of our lovely cats!

Michelle participated in the holiday match and sends greetings from Casper - now named Cecil - and Simone. We are finding that many of our faithful supporters also have dogs and cats Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. The animals are our best ambassadors! Thank you Michelle and all those who support Red Lake animals.

MICHELLE SAYS: Casper/ Cecil was adopted from Twin City Pet Rescue, but originally came from RLRR. Casper/Cecil loves attention. He would fall over on his side and drool blissfully over his kibbles of food.

He is very much an adolescent cat.

Cecil had no hesitation during his first introduction to my blue heeler. Wiley, for his part, has always loved cats. Less than a week after I adopted Cecil, I adoptd another Siamese mix whom I named Simone. Simone was an urban teen mom found next to a burned out apartment by Minneapolis firefighters. She was slower to settle into her new environment, but once the hissing stopped she became a very sweet and prim kitty, kind of the polar opposite of Cecil.

I find it very funny that these 2 cats, rescued from bad situations, still manage to be picky eaters. Cecil will not touch fish and Simone turns up her nose at chicken. Cats!

Among many things loved by Cecil are cardboard boxes to rip apart and brown packing paper to hide under until ready to wage attacks. He loves to explore and even enjoys his trips to the vet. He hops up on the exam table and then gets in the sink before wandering over to lick my vet on the nose.

So nice to read about Shyla and all of the other rescued dogs and cats!

RLRR is a wonder and inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Always nice to get updates.
Thank you.


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