Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Formerly feral Feather: Foster finds Forever

Feather is doing very well...making little bits of  progress....still won't let me pet her,  but she is coming closer and  taking liberties that show me that she is continuing to progress.  It might be years or never on allowing a person to pet her.....but that is OK. 
Here  is a picture of her laying on my bed while I was showering. She is happy, healthy and content and that is all that really matters. She is a very sweet girl......docile, submissive, peaceful, affectionate, playful.....lots of good qualities.  I would not even consider re-homing her.   She is very much a part of my home. 

As my hounds get older.....at some point I am going to consider adopting a good  playmate for her.  My younger hound is 10 and has permanent immune problems that will keep him on steroids the rest of his life.  The other hound is 12.
Chico is doing great and often can be found sleeping next to Feather. I have let Feather get a bit  chubby......(just like her dad)....so I am trying to very slowly.....taper her  food off gradually....to keep her at a proper weight.  It took me a long time to accept the fact that she was no longer a starving stray. If she hears me open a can of cat/dog food.....she is right there by my side.....hoping for a  treat. I always give her a little bit on the end of my finger and she takes it  very gently.

The Beagle is one of Feather's best friends.....his owner asks me to babysit from time to time. Feather loves having "Ripley" around. Ripley is almost Feather's age...so they play vigorously.
This next picture is rather sweet.  Feather is literally resting near my feet as I read the newspaper.  She seeks my company and wants to be close.

Sincerely,   John, Chico, Feather and the kids

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Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story, and I never get tired of the updates and photos of Feather. Thank you, John, for giving life back to


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