Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ronnie & Shawnee

We are so happy here to know that two of the pups, Shawnee and Ronnie (aka Roman) are healed, happy and now adopted through the efforts of Dr.Vickie at Act V.

RONNIERonnie-Roman arrived with mange and an injured leg- it looked like a
scrape- possibly a hit by car. Tony found him and brought him to the shelter, and Vickie took him into her rescue. He was a very scared and hurt little boy on arrival with his head often hung low.

RONNIENow look at him after his transformation with a big smile!!

SHAWNEEShawnee arrived at the shelter when Avis called and said she found this little pup at the Redby garbage dump. Shawnee was sick on arrival, vomiting and it appeared he may be a victim of parvo. Shawnee was put in the isolation pen and we just happened to have a transport in the morning. Well when Dr. Vickie was contacted, she said,"Send him".

Now Shawnee is also healed, happy and adopted.

Thank you to Act V and the faithful transporters for saving him!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! Beautiful rescues....thanks to everyone involved.


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