Monday, December 27, 2010

First transport of December

We had a very challenging wintery transport on Saturday, December 4th. Once again the O'Sullivans and Kristin Ripley came through providing a ride out for 12 dogs/pups and one cat.

JOELLYNJoellyn arrived last Sunday. A young man from Redby found little Joellyn at the Redby garbage dump and took pity on her and drove her out to the shelter. She was scared, hungry and had signs of mange and fleas. As the week progressed she grew more confident and after only 6 days left for TLC in foster care.

LAMAR, LARENA, LARALamar, Larena, and Lara arrived the same evening. They were found in a brush den. There are 2 more of the litter still hiding in the brush pile which we are hoping to get soon. These three babies left for a RLRR foster home.

SUMIKOLittle Sumiko arrived on Thursday, and was sick. We feared parvo, however, took her to the vet and she was dehydrated, but, thankfully, parvo negative. She was readily taken in by Dr. Vickie at Act V so she is in good hands now and we are hoping for a speedy recovery.

DANTEDANTEDante, a little runt shep pup arrived on Sunday. He was moved into a cage in the cathouse surrounded by 24 cats who were very curious as to what kind of cat he was! Dante went to foster care with Act V.

SNUFFYSNUFFYSnuffy was brought to the shelter by Carol. He came from the projects as a stray who was rescued by one of the Red Lake students. She fed him and tamed him. He had an old laceration on his left leg, but left for Tricounty in very good shape, both neutered and vaccinated.

GIDEONTAMARTAJAGideon, Tamar and Taja were found on the highway by Tony on the highway and were brought to the shelter. They are all safely in foster care now.

So glad they are safe and warm!

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Jo_Tallchief said...

What a bunch of cuties! Thank you to the O'Sullivans and Kristin for driving these little sweethearts out to their new homes. All I want are a few dogs but I just can't where I'm living right now - no fenced yard and right on Hwy. 1 with strays constantly coming into the yard. Well, I can always dream ... ^_^ Thx again for doing the transport. I don't know what we'd do without you! Have a happy new year!! ^_^


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