Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hearts & Halos part 1: Last transport of November

Hearts and Halos is a new rescue starting soon in the metro area. Rachel and Cathy came up to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for a visit on November 27.

Pic 1 is the wonderful cat Boss- a real love bug and Rachel

Pic 2 is a litter of 6 pups that are off to the Animal Ark in the care of Linda Ratay, foster mom

Pic 3 is Percy & Paxton. Percy came in when RLRR got a call a stray pitbull was going to be shot in Redby. He came in quite hungry and with mange. He is very timid and is in need of one to one love and attention. He gained quite a few pounds in the short 2 weeks he was at the shelter and now off to foster care with MN Pitbull Rescue. Paxton (aka Pacman) is a large red pit/mastiff mix also going to the Animal Ark. Pac Man came in weighing 50# and full of cuts all over his body, mange, and starving. He weighs in now well over 100-125#. He has a full growth of hair and is a great guy.

These animals were taken out by Rachel and Cathy of Hearts and Halos when they made the visit on the 27th. They brought many nice blankets, pet beds, litter, and cat and dog kibble. They also brought sweaters and coats for puppies.

They worked very hard during their visit cleaning cat cages, laundry, dishes, and general cleaning in the cathouse.

We had a wonderful time and look forward to working with this new rescue in the future. They love Red Lake animals and are anxious to start taking them in.

Thank you so much Hearts and Halos. The shelter looks much better today and lots of pups and dogs off to a new life.

Peace- Karen Good RLRR

Hi Karen,
Everyone fit in the car just fine and were all picked up by Linda and Chloe this morning and afternoon. I have attached some photos from our trip. As you can see, I think Pac and Percy will adjust just fine to indoor life... :)

You have a great facility and it was wonderful to get to meet you in person. Thank you for being so hospitable to us and as always, thank you for all your hard work for the animals!!!!!


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Jo_Tallchief said...

Omigosh, this is a good story! I used to feed Percy, the poor guy. He was really afraid and would run and hide when I came out of the house. I'd leave the food and then get in my car before he'd come out to eat. I'm so happy he's getting out of this terrible cold. Thank you, Rachel and Cathy! Happy holidays to you and your families!! ^_^


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