Thursday, December 30, 2010

Junebug's new life with toys and friends

Junebug left Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a very pregnant mom and arrived at ARVSS with 11 newborn pups. The pups all found homes and so did Junebug. Here is a report from her family.

Hi Susie! I've been taking Ms. Bug out to the dog park quite a bit to burn off that puppy energy. I have to say she really thrives out there at the park. She is FAST - very few of the other dogs can out run her. She is now beginning to listen to us and come when called out there which is good.

There is a 90-pound lab that lives two doors down and they play together quite a bit too. I attached a few photos of them playing, although the pictures make it look like they are trying to kill each other. They are both very passive dogs and JB has a good time being pulled around during tug-of-war.

The crate deal is better now that we found a more desirable treat. We use the treat to get her in and a stuffed Kong for some homework. We have a "purple buddy squirrel" to stuff treats in and she bounces it around to get them out - as well as some raw bones. She really likes those and I guess some people really swear by them.

It's really kind of a bad time of year to get a new dog with the short days and cold weather but JB really took to the snow. Our old dog was a winter dog too so we are fairly used to walking and being outside this time of year.

We are going to be trying out the daycare as well as some obedience training. Some people said we should get JB into some agility training because of her physical abilities so we might try that.

So far, we are sticking with June Bug as a name. We thought about Juno (from the movie) since she's a single teenage mother from Minnesota! :)

Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

Junebug, you're looking beautiful!
A shiny coat, a big smile, eyes
that sparkle.....yep, you are looking absolutely gorgeous.


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