Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ode today

For those who aren't longtime readers of this blog, Ode was a badly abused puppy with his ears burned off when he arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Pet Haven fostered him and found him a home.

Dear Karen,

Looks like another season's gone by and I missed the chance to make it up your way to meet you and see your RLRR "digs". As for not sending adorable e-fotos of Ode and her new friends -- well, no excuse there! Thought i'd start the e-foto-sending with my most recent one -- a pic of Ode + Shamus, who's owned by the proprietors of Once Upon a Crime Bookstore here in Minneapolis. Pat & Gary are very nice folks I met while walking one of my "daycare doggies" (my fledgling dog-walking biz is gaining in numbers -- I'm up to 9 now!).

ODE & SHAMUSShamus, just Ode's age & size (2ish, around 50 lbs), is one of those dogs who kept getting returned to a shelter in KY and had lost his adoptability standing there, so a MN shelter stepped up to keep him alive, and Pat & Gary found & adopted him. Makes me feel proud/happy to live in a state known for saving animals deemed unworthy by other states -- and RLRR is at the top of my admired-rescue-agencies list!

The first evening I had Shamus here, he ripped down the already-rickety outer screen door of my porch (due to separation/abandonment issues) when I went inside for a minute, but I've become smarter and now just prop open the outer front door so both he & Ode can come & go as they please. It's good for Ode, too, to learn to share her mama & her space!

xxoo, pam c, Ode & ladybug

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Anonymous said...

Thrilled beyond words to get updates on Ode. This little girl
touched my soul....I must have watched the video on this Brave Heart about 30 times, crying each time I watched it in disbelief and
then with hope that she was heading
into a most wonderful life. And with this recent update, it makes me cry tears of joy knowing she is being loved each and every moment of her life. Such a tough start for her. Thank you all so very much for this rescue and adoption!!


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