Friday, October 15, 2010

Maestro & Ronnie: Two injured pups to Act V

I found a little 11-pound chihuahua male, I named Maestro, staggering in a parking lot in Red Lake yesterday, and found he was injured with 2 wounds on right torso and one on the left. Cause unknown: dog attack, stabbed, or shot?

He was taken to local vet and they gave long-acting antibiotic shot and he is on rimadyl for pain management. The vet thinks the attack happened about 3 days ago.

Today maestro is eating and drinking. He is walking around and much better today.

The good news is that Dr. Vickie of Act V has stepped up to take this little fellow. He will hopefully leave the shelter with a few other animals on October 11th or 12th with a transport by Barbie Olson.

Dr. Vickie is also taking Ronnie, a pup with a possible broken leg.

Act V has been a great partner for the injured Red Lake animals; they take many injured and sick animals that come in at times other than the clinics.

Peace- Karen

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Jo Tallchief said...

Gee, Karen - glad you were there to pick him up! Since he's only 11 lbs., I'm thinking he was attacked by other dogs. This is why I won't have dogs myself until I can have a fenced yard. You just never know. Those wounds look ragged. My cousin Chris's dog had a perfectly round wound and we're thinking he was shot with a BB. Best wishes for little Maestro - I hope he finds a good home!


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