Monday, October 18, 2010

Some dogs have all the fun (names)!

Jingo, son of Junebug, now Tadhg.

This is Jingo--one of Junebug's babies :) I forgot how to pronounce his new name, Tadhg--it's Celtic (or Irish).
Tadhg is settling in. He will walk pretty well on the leash, although sometimes he inisists on holding the leash in his mouth for a while.

He sits on command pretty well, but still has a problem with jumping and nipping at peoples clothing. At least everyone but me. For some reason he minds his manners around Dad, most of the time. We are starting some "puppy school" on Wednesday, so we hope to get some tips to keep him under control and happy.

He has met a number of the dogs in our neighborhood. Until we started walking him, we had no idea how many their were. From a little Pekinese two doors down, to the full grown Malamute at the end of the next block. He annoyed the malamute with all his energy, but nothing bad happened, just a bark and he was scared off

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