Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ponemah shuttle

We are happy that Wallace Kingbird who is a resident of Ponemah comes to the clinic as a liason. It is important that we use Native people to make the animal clinic more comfortable to the residents. A familiar face is always a positive in the community work.

WALLACERed Lake residents know the community best. They know how to get here and there without GPS and usually know most of the residents which is a real positive. They know where the people live and how to get the animals that are needing help.

We certainly appreciate all the support from the metro which makes the clinic operate smoothly, and the dedicated vets and vet-techs without which we would have no clinics.

KARENAt the same time we are also happy to have those local people who are connected to the community to be a part of it. It is impowering to our people to have grassroots involvement.

As Wallace would say: "Gee Gah Wah Bah Min- Minawah"

Karen and RLRR

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