Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Susie Q

BABY SUSIE AT RLRRSusie Q arrived at the shelter on May 4. A nice man was dumping his garbage and he saw a car drive in, and drop little Susie Q out the door and drive away. The man picked her up and brought her to the shelter. She was not in very good physical condition, and was taken to the vet where the vet diagnosed her with parvo. She spent 3 days in the animal hopsital and several days in isolation. She began to get better and went to the clinic and tested negative for parvo.
She turned out to be such a wonderful little puppy with such a loveable personality!! We are so happy she has found her forever home. Karen

SUSIE AT THE CLINICShe was part of the transport I drove down on Saturday. She was already adopted and her family was there to meet her right out of my vehicle. She loved them right away and their little son was so delighted. It's a special treat for me to see a RLRR animal right to its new family. I took the photos of the family below in those very first moments.

DeeDee, Dino, Terresa, Denise and Liz;

A very special thanks to all of you for doing the work you do. We absolutely love Susie and she is just mad about us! Everything is going great.

She is playing and acting like a puppy, eating well and sleeping better than a baby, 10 hours without any whining or waking up! We could not have asked for a better pup. She already feels like one of the family.

She has also found a very good friend in Stephanie's Stella. They bonded immediately and played until exhaustion on Sunday.

These dogs are very special, there is something about them that everyone can see but cannot quite explain. You should all feel very good about what you are doing. Not only are you rescuing canines, you are improving the quality of life for humans.

Thanks again,

The H family

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rilera said...

The picture of Susie with her new family is priceless. This blog is a bright spot for me everyday.


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