Monday, February 22, 2016

Paxton celebrates his 5-year "Gotcha" anniversary

I got this amazing update on Paxton (aka PacMan), a dog that came to a Red Lake Rosie's Rescue clinic 5 years ago on his own and turned himself in for rescue! He was very hungry and just got in the crate in one of the communities. Heidi and Linda fell in love with this big boy. He spend some time at the RLRR shelter after he was neutered and vetted, regaining his health. This very large dog turned out to be a big marshmallow and went to a Animal Ark in the Twin Cities and was adopted. It is so great to get these updates years later!

Karen and RLRR

Hello Karen,

Here are a few photos of Pac's 2015.

1. Here he is enjoying belly scratches from my nieces. I takes two to cover his big belly. LOL

2. Pac with our 5 year old granddaughter. They just finished their walk around the yard.

3. Pac the life of the party on the 4th of July (see first photo above)

4. His favorite bed with his bone close by.??

Paxton is the most loving sweet boy! Thank you for rescuing him.

K~ & J~

Check out Paxton's update after just one year with his family:

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