Tuesday, February 28, 2012

100 and some, pounds of fun

Received a lovely update on Paxton (fka Pac Man) from his family. These are all AFTER photos. Paxton actually built himself a den in the woodpile in the backyard -- that brought a tear to my eye. His family says, "You can take the dog out of Red Lake but you can't take the Red Lake out of the dog."

He actually looks a little embarrassed :-)

It's already been a year since Paxton joined our family.

When he first came into our home he was so overwhelmed by the smallest things -- like warm air coming from vents, the refrigerator and its lights. He didn't know what a treat was.

Pac had and still has the most gentle soul. We had a instant connection. Now my Pac has taken over the guest room bed (he LOVES a bed). My nephew loves to spend the night because he gets to sleep with Pac.

When I open the pantry door Pac goes into his auto sit for a treat. Pac even knows a CUB Foods bag = a treat (I blame his brother for that). Pac is the perfect companion we hoped he would be for Tugger (our ten-year-old pit bull). Paxton likes to steal a nap on his brother Tugger's heated senior dog bed. :)

Pac also loves to snuggle, go for walks and of course POPCORN.

I've attached a few photos of my gentle big boy! Thanks for all you do!



Anonymous said...

A beautiful story! We are so happy for this sweetie and his
perfect family. Thank you for loving him.

mteacup said...

I love dog! I met him in Red Lake when he was a bag of bones.


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