Thursday, February 4, 2016

RLRR Beginnings: Transports

Transports in 2005 were done with a pickup truck and a trailer.

The first large transport in February 2005 with 59 animals was done with the help of Lynn Mecum and Kevin Wolden. A rescue in Wisconsin that had been at our RAVS clinic had promised to take the animals, however, at the last minute, they could not. We were devastated. We had plans to move the animals out as many were suffering, so we had to make a huge plea to metro area to help us, and they did. 

It was subzero and the threesome traveled through the Red Lake Reservation from Ponemah all the way to Bigstone picking up the animals. School had been cancelled due to the very cold wind chill temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, but despite the weather, we picked up 59 animals. One shepherd from Ponemah gave birth to 9 puppies in the process! 

The next day they were transported to Tri-county Humane Society in St. Cloud, MN, where we were met by many rescues from the metro area. We did not lose one animal, which was a miracle in itself. That was our first contact with many of the metro rescues. After that transport, future challenges would pale in comparison.

Later in 2006, we received the gift of a 1992 Ford Econoline cargo van from St. Francis of Assisi which was presented to us by our friend Joan Lawson. What a marvelous gift that was!!


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