Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nemo gets his wheels!

We were so happy to see the brown UPS truck winding down the road to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue yesterday evening. Nemo’s wheels were here!

Nemo, the Chihuahua mix, had come to RLRR near death from trying to survive outdoors in the cold, he had suffered malnourishment and had a severe injury to his rear legs. His body temperature was dropping and we feared he was going to die.

Fortunately, he lived through a surgery to remove a large beef bone from his stomach and came to the shelter where he started to trust Jenny who was working at the shelter. However, his rear legs were both paralyzed on arrival. Soon one began to work, but he needed support, so we ordered a specially made cart for him.

He even went outside- and ran around too in the snow!  He is so happy with his wheels!! 

Now it is time for Nemo to move on. He has been accepted in a new program. Second Hand Hounds has a Special Cases Unit overseen by Coordinator Sara Anderson. The program will help animals that are injured, dogs with disabilities, and dogs that are emotionally shut down. Nemo will be among the first to participate in the program. Nemo will leave on transport Sunday February 21st to a new life and adventure.

Thank you SHH, Jenny, Dr. Burgess and Dr. Marie of Cornerstone Vet, and the transporters who helped Nemo on his journey. Thank you also to Red Lake Rosie’s supporters who made it possible to pay the medical costs and for the special wheels for Nemo.

Karen and RLRR

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