Friday, February 19, 2016

Nemo comes to RLRR

One cold day in January, a call came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that there were two small dogs that needed help. We met halfway in Redby and found two white and black small breed Chihuahua mixes. One we called Jo Jo and one we called Nemo.

Jo Jo and Nemo were very frightened and their little backbones and hip bones protruded showing the result of malnourishment. The driver said the little dogs lived outside and it was hard to imagine how they had survived until mid-January in the brutal cold of winter in northern Minnesota.

Nemo was not only malnourished, but lay in the kennel with spasms in his side. He had also been injured from a dog attack they reported. Nemo’s body temperature was dropping and we feared he would die. Nancy and Karen sped off to the vet to leave Nemo in the care of the Cornerstone Veterinary clinic. They immediately put him on warm packs to raise his body temperature.

Later that day, we got a report that X-rays showed something in the stomach. Nemo had exploratory surgery and a large beef bone was removed.

Nemo started to respond, but his rear legs would not work. No bones were broken, and no puncture wounds indicated an animal attack. We suspected some blunt force had caused the injury.

After being at the vet for several days, Nemo came to the RLRR shelter where he convalesces indoors with hopes he will regain use of his rear legs.

Nemo is frightened of people and takes a while to gain trust that we are not going to hurt him. Although he is still frightened of loud sounds and unfamiliar people, he trusts Jenny and gives her kisses.

Jenny is staying at the shelter for a period of time and has gained his trust and also has begun to do therapy with some wheels her daughter Zoey built for Nemo. He is starting to use one leg, but the other leg is not yet in use.

After Nemo survived the insurmountable odds of living outdoors, not having enough food, and now the injury to his legs, we feel that he deserves a chance for a better life. He weighs just 8 pounds 13 oz.

RLRR has ordered a professionally made set of wheels which we are hoping will help Nemo walk. We will keep you updated on his progress.

Karen and RLRR

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