Wednesday, February 3, 2016

RLRR Beginnings: Helping a hoarder situation

One of the first learning sessions was cleaning out a hoarder on the White Earth Reservation. The first step was to confiscate his sign he had posted at his driveway. The place was a nightmare.

He had over 40 puppies and dogs and no food nor supplies. He claimed to have buried 75 dogs and puppies from parvo in his back field. It turned out however; the puppies we took were suffering from dehydration, malnourishment, and coccidia. The adult animals were fighting for food and breeding rights as all animals in the group were intact.

All the animals were removed in a process that took 6 weeks. The man kept 6 animals which Red Lake Rosie had neutered and spayed.

Joan Lawson paid for the vet bill. That was the most challenging of all experiences; after that, other challenges would pale in comparison. The man who owned them was the only help available to do this.



Catherine Master said...

Were any animal humane investigators or other entities of authority involved to prosecute or prevent this from happening again at this property? or in the lease file a report for records.

Karen Good said...

We actually developed a relationship with this fellow and kept in touch with him to this day- He never resumes hording and when an animal was dumped at his property he contacted RLRR and we took the animal. Very good resolution to this situation

Linda said...

Most hoarding situations don't need punitive reactions. Getting g overwhelmed is not a criminal act. Yoursolution was perfect!


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