Thursday, July 31, 2014

You gotta have Faith

You would never know it today, but Faith, a one and a half year old shepherd mix, was left to fend for herself at a dump in a remote area of Red Lake Reservation. Not only was she malnourished, but also it was clear by her staggering walk that she was injured as well.

After finding refuge with Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, x-rays determined that she had a spinal injury that might limit her mobility.  But Faith has faith, and hasn't let it stop her.  In her foster home, she has gained weight, muscle, and strength.  She has made tremendous progress with her mobility through just a few visits to an animal chiropractor.

Faith has quickly adapted to living in a house and loves lying on her giant doggie bed. Housetrained and very sweet, Faith is reliving her puppyhood by playing every chance she gets.  She would love to have another dog with whom to play, too.  She also enjoys carrying toys around and chewing on bones.  She’s learning the fine art of fetch – chasing a ball is easy, but returning the ball is not always what she wants to do.

Faith can be a bit timid in new situations, but quickly adapts and starts to play.  Some basic training and consistency would help build her confidence.

Her chiropractor, who works out of veterinary hospitals throughout the Cities, has offered to provide care for Faith at 50% off of his regular rates. He suggests that Faith visit 4-6 times a year to help keep her at optimal mobility.

Give this girl an ounce of love and she’ll return it by the pound!

Hello! We wanted to update you on the status of our recent adoption of our little Faye (formerly known as Faith). Faye joined our home on June 23rd, 2014.

She is full of energy, likes to get us out of bed in the EARLY to go for walks and is finding a comfortable fit with her big brother Henry. She is a playful (maybe a little too playful) with Henry and likes to chew on his tail, legs and neck fur. We adopted Henry four years ago from RLRR and he's doing great as well!! Even though he is only four, he acts like an old man, I think because we take him to the dog park too much!! 

Faye loves to eat her breakfast and dinner and gets lots of fresh bones and treats!

In the short 4 weeks, her trust level has increased, she seems to be stronger and more mobile than ever, and has almost stopped chewing things she should not be! We are starting a Puppy Middle School class with her in two weeks to continue working on proper etiquette.

We are pleased at her progress and so happy to have her in our home. Thanks for your work with her and other animals, it is very much appreciated.

R & T

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