Thursday, July 10, 2014

Youth Works 2014 group 1

The first Youth Works group to come to give Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue a facelift came from Peace United Methodist Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin; Warsaw Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Warsaw, Indiana; and Monticello Covenant Church, Monticello, Minnesota.

These groups worked very hard June 30th –July 3rd. We did get rained out on July 2nd but made up for it by working extra hard on July 3rd.

Works groups cleaned the straw shed, cleaned the food barn, and did additional brush removal. Some of the adult chaperones operated the riding lawn mower and the brush cutter helping reduce the numbers of mosquitos at the shelter.

Annual painting of the kennels also helps keep the walls of the kennels clean and attractive.

A group of students worked in the cattery cleaning all the cat cages and getting them ready for new occupants. There were plenty of dirty dishes and laundry to fold after the clinic, too.

There was always time to pet or brush a dog, or hug a cat during the work days.

At the end of the visit, the group mowed and cleaned up the local cemetery. Students learned some of the history of the area, and some picked sage and wild flowers. They learned the Ojibwe names for dog and cat, animoosh and gazhigeeze.

The shelter looked great when they left and we are waiting for these hardworking kids to visit again!

Karen RLRR

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