Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lorenzo's long journey home

In baseball, three strikes and you're out! Well, not for Lorenzo-

One cold January day, Lorenzo and Maddie arrived at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue as a transfer from Leech Lake Legacy. They both had mange and were malnourished. We gave them an outdoor kennel with straw, lots of food, water, antibiotics and ivermectin in daily doses. For the next three months, the two began to show progress.

Lorenzo had scarring on his neck and back and lots of hair loss. He walked with a limp and we suspected an old break in the right leg. With the long hard winter, Lorenzo no doubt had his share of suffering.

After being at the shelter for an extended period of time, typically we let the “long termers” roam free part time. Cooper, started to pick on Lorenzo, so we began to let Lorenzo in the cattery. Lorenzo loved the cats and puppies that came through.

One night when he was left to free-roam- Lorenzo decided to break in the cattery and was found lying on the bed the next morning! Not only was Lorenzo very sweet – he was also very smart. 

We were so happy when on April 12th Lorenzo left for foster care at All Dog Rescue. Unfortunately, it was discovered Lorenzo had heartworm. So he had one more hurdle- heartworm treatment.

Through it all Lorenzo was a real trooper and a survivor. We are so happy over his new home. No more cold nights for him! Now he will be a housedog, a life that he has come to enjoy.

Karen :)
Lorenzo is such a funny boy - he has huge front paws and loved to get my attention by pawing at me with those gigantic things. He is one of those real gems - an amazing dog with lots of soul.

Lorenzo was adopted 7/2013.

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