Monday, August 4, 2014

Update: Maxine has a rescue, but needs a foster home!

We introduced you to Maxine last week. She was hit by a car on the Reservation and her family surrendered her to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue because they couldn't afford the extensive medical care she needs for her TWO broken hips and injured hock.

Minnesota Paws Rescue, under the direction of Melissa Dewoskin, DVM, has offered to do the surgery and rehabilitation that will follow, but they need a foster home for sweet Maxine to care for her day-to-day.

We will walk the foster family through surgery and be supportive the entire way through. It might be a long foster commitment, and the foster family will need to have a pretty low-key household. If anyone is interested, please contact

THANK YOU from Karen, Melissa and especially Maxine!!

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