Friday, July 18, 2014

A home for Hannah

Hannah came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue from the Bagley Pound.  Nancy and Tom rescued her and brought Hannah to the shelter, otherwise she would have been euthanized.

What a waste that would have been!  Hannah has been adopted and both Hannah and her new mom are very happy.  Thank you to all those who made it possible for Hannah to get a second chance. 


A little Mini Dachshund named Hannah came into my life about a month ago. I wasn't intentionally looking to adopt a dog, but as I walked past the kennels at Goodhue Humane Society I saw a little dog shaking and scared and had to meet her. She was 6 pounds and tiny. 

From what I heard, she had moved around from Red Lake Rosie's to the Humane Society by where I live. It was love at first sight and she has fit into my family perfectly. She was a stray up north and was about to be euthanized when Red Lake Rosie saved her and I thank them for that!! 

She is nothing but a tender little heart that has so much joy and life to live and I'm so happy that I found her. This is the fourth dog I have rescued and I highly recommend it. They need you!

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Nancy said...

We are thrilled Hannah has found the love of her life with her new family! That is exactly what she needed......a secure home with people who love her to pieces, keeping her safe and sound. Thanks so much!


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