Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Debo: Just a marshmallow

On May 1st, we had a call at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue that a bulldog was strayed at the Red Lake Casino and Convenience Store.  This little bulldog was hungry, so a nice girl took him home.  She called to tell us that she could not keep Debo, so she brought him to the shelter where we began to work with him. 

At first, we wondered if he would be placed because he had some food aggression because he had been malnourished. Debo also was a "bully breed" which sometimes are hard to place.

We first had him neutered and vaccinated and taught him to walk on leash, then he was allowed free roam with some of his friends.   

We were happy to find out there was a foster-to-adopt possibility at Pet Haven.  Debo left and we hoped it all would work out.  We are happy to find out they say he is a “perfect” dog and has found his forever home.

Thank you Pet Haven for taking Debo and finding him this great home.  This little bully turned out to be a marshmallow!

Karen :-) 

Debo is the perfect dog!! Thank you so much for him. He also respects the invisible fence. Yaahhh..

He is a little naughty when he takes my shoes, but how can you be mad when he gives you those sweet eyes. ; )

Thanks again!

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