Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Rosie :-)

Rosie came to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue during the June clinic. Her owner contacted RLRR and said he had a dog that he wanted us to take. We found Rosie under the porch and very frightened. She would not come to us and it took several visits to finally get her in the crate and on her way to the clinic and then the shelter.

Rosie was already spayed, so she was vaccinated and checked for heartworm, anaplasma and lymes and it was discovered she had all three! Rosie was badly matted and it took a while to gain her trust.

The first thing she did was knock the door off her kennel. Then, when placed her in another kennel, she proceeded to chew the wood and would likely have escaped through the wall. So, Rosie became a free-roaming dog at the shelter as there was really no way to contain her.

Gradually, her personality began to show through and she turned out to be a very wonderful dog. She loved all the Youth Works students and the attention they gave her. 

Soon Rosie received heartworm treatment, then her treatment for lymes and anaplasma. Rosie is a wonderful dog and deserved all the help we could give her.

Most of the Red Lake dogs over the age of 2 have the triple whammy of diseases caused by ticks and mosquitos, which are both abundant in our region. The treatment for heartworm is very expensive and hard on the dogs. The treatment for lymes and anaplasma take a long time with daily administration of antibiotics. Both require retesting and retreatment if necessary.

On August 5th, Rosie had a grooming which included a total shave as her fur was badly matted with burrs.

Rosie is one example of the medically needy animals we have rescued here at RLRR. Thanks to our supporters each year, we have funds to cover these medical costs.


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