Saturday, August 15, 2015


JULY 15:
Good morning all~ We have a Phoenix update!
He is doing very well with his new friends.

His wound seems to have stayed shut, and his stitches are out. He still wears his cone sometimes, but his health is better than before, and he's getting plenty of exercise and sunshine.

He still tuckers out easily, but we do not think his fatigue is pain related. He's using his electromagnetic mat (which he willingly hangs out on), and we believe it helps his muscles relax and provides him comfort.

He has met several animal friends and a few people, and all is well. We're in the process of formulating his adoption plan, and we will provide updates as we move forward.

JULY 24:
Phee-Phee and his friend sent us a picture. He's doing very well, (makes us proud!).His non-healing wound seems to be healing, he's met some nice dogs, and he continues to develop his social skills.
Happy Friday!

We are in the process of making plans for Phoenix's return to his foster family.

The boarding facility captured this stunning picture of him (they take the best shots!), and we put it with his 'before' photo. Can you believe six months have passed?

We are also scheduling his follow-up appointments with the Veterinary Behaviorist and Fresh Air Training.

We need to see his wound (healed), his scars, his mobility and assess his overall health including his pain level (if any.)

But let's just say, "You've come a long way, baby"!

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