Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lonnie and Lydell: Grooming is essential

In mid-July, two little small-breed dogs were brought to the Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue as strays. I named them Lonnie and Lydell.

Lydell had very long matted hair and was a very frightened little guy. When Lydell arrived I picked him up and noticed on his chest a very sharp object embedded in his hair on his underbelly area. It was a fish hook! The fish hook has been there for some time and I wondered how Lydell could lay down and not poke the fish hook into his stomach. 

Lydell and Lonnie I assumed were brothers. Lonnie was not frightened like Lydell. His hair was of the type not to be as matted. I imagined Lonnie was treated better because he did not look so terrible. Both were very dirty and uncared for. Both were infested with wood ticks.

A placement was found with Pet Haven and they both were able to leave after being at the shelter for only a week.

We see many dogs that are matted. Many of the small long-haired dogs are not groomed. They must be brushed and have their regular haircuts. Lonnie and Lydell had possibly never been groomed

We are happy to announce that we will have Carma as our excellent groomer at the clinic August 14 and 15, so we hope you can bring your dog in for a haircut. Carma has given of herself for many years grooming the Red Lake animals.

We are open from 9 – 4 on Friday and Saturday, August 14 and 15, at the Redby warehouse. We urge all those who have small dogs -- don’t let them suffer like Lydell did!

 Sincerely, Karen RLRR



Lydell was in the worst shape of the two boys. He was so matted that he could hardly open one of his eyes. After grooming, you could tell he was kind of shocked when he got the feel of his skin back. He was even somewhat timid to walk outside because he could actually feel what the ground felt like.

Tonight, I finalized the adoption for Lydell. The family is so excited to have a new member! Lydell is an easygoing pup who will fit in perfectly!! 

Lonnie's transformation was not as dramatic, but a wonderful improvement. He has found a forever home, too!

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Rescue Buddy Boarding & Beyond said...

Thanks for rescuing them and posting their stories. Update for Lonnie-he did find the perfect forever home on Saturday. Yay for both of these little guys.


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