Thursday, August 27, 2015

Augie gets a fresh start in August

Brother dogs, Augie and Dobie, came to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter in June.

These two brothers were living on the White Earth Reservation and the owner said she could no longer keep them. The littermates were unsocialized and had been picked on by large dogs in the home. The owner wanted to surrender the mother, too, but she was too feral to catch.

We are thankful to Bill and Teresa of WE R Furr Feline Rescue for saving the brothers and transporting them to RLRR.

At RLRR, the boys remained in a kennel and would not let us leash them until finally, late in July we were able to catch them and put on harnesses.

For Dobie this worked very well. He learned how to walk on leash and was coming around nicely with treats and the harness. Soon he was able to leave for a rescue with hopes of adoption.

This meant Augie was left behind. One day he slipped out of the harness and ran away. We looked for poor Augie but could not fine him. We feared he had died. Then one day he came running down the road and sat by his kennel. He went in and was still very scared, but at least we had him secured and he could eat and be safe. 

Poor Augie, what would become of him? Well, a wonderful thing happened. The ACT V clinic in August brought a bunch of great people. For starters, Augie was neutered and vaccinated by Dr. Vickie and ACT V volunteers.

He was also groomed and bathed by Carma. Then John and John made the decision to take on Augie as their next foster through All Dog Rescue.

It was like magic. When they worked with Augie, he began to trust them immediately and stopped shaking. Augie is now in their care and has hope.

Thank you to everyone who made a new life possible for Augie.

Sincerely, Karen RLRR

This is our newest foster, Augie (for now - new name coming soon). He hitched a ride with us back from Red Lake. Very scared, timid, afraid of everything, but we know he's a little gem in the making, like every other Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dog we've re-homed!

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