Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daisy, beautiful Daisy!

This story of Daisy began in November of 2013 with a heartbreaking post and photos:

"Daisy has suffered all her life. Not only after being born, but also before she was born! Daisy is a bull mastiff puppy that is about 4 months old but you would never guess her to be that old. She weighs a mere 8 pounds and her frail legs are afflicted with severe rickets and bent beneath her as she waddles to move from place to place."
See the entire post HERE.
We are VERY happy to share this update from her new family:

Dear Red Lake Rosie Rescue,
We wanted to give you an update on Daisy, the puppy with rickets.

We adopted Daisy on January 31st 2014 via MN Pit Bull Rescue. Her first birthday was August 16 and we’re proud to say she weighs in at 88 pounds!

We have nothing but praise for this girl. Chasing tennis balls in the kiddie pool is her favorite activity and a Kong with some peanut butter is her favorite treat. Her demeanor is extremely sweet and gentle. 

She has come a long way from when she was born and we wanted to let you know, she is thriving and entertaining us every day!

M & L 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The best news of the day.....yay
for beautiful, precious Daisy, and a huge thank you to Daisy's
equally beautiful family!!!


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