Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youth Works returns to RLRR

This is the third year we have had Youth Works groups coming to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue to help with projects.  The kids come in groups of 10-15 with group leaders and work so hard.  This year was no different.

They worked hard doing grounds work, brushing, cleaning the storage shed and the hay shed.   

Groups also worked daily in the cathouse.

The groups opened hundreds of small sample packages of dog kibble-

The group also cleaned and mowed the community cemetery

Washed the rescue van inside and out!

Kids came from a distance to help from First Lutheran Church in Clear Lake Wisconsin; St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Johnson, Iowa; and Christ Community Church in Lemont, Illinois from June 17th – 20th.

The group leaders are Laine and David.  They save up money to come on these trips.  Very amazing work they do.  As soon as the finish one job they say “What can we do next to help you?” They have a very serving attitude and always took time to hug a dog or cat.

All the dogs ran free for 4 days when the group was here so they also had a great time.  Everyone had their favorite dog or cat,  Mark and Lisa James, youth pastors are hoping to adopt Aiden, a young shepherd mix who came in with severe demodex mange.

Jay Jay was a big hit with the kids

Laine and David also rescued 2 pups they named Summer and Bear when they responded to a call that two puppies were unwanted under a porch. Laine, who is also a teacher, has been planning to adopt a puppy.  He fell in love with both but decided that he would like to adopt Bear. Bear is in foster care until Laine completes his Youth Work projects.

In addition to work at Red Lake Rosie’s these groups do various other projects on the reservation.

We want to thank Youth Works for their dedication and we look forward to groups coming one week in July to continue their work here.

 Karen and RLRR

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in awe of Laine,
David, and this incredibly wonderful and talented group of kids who have offered RLRR the best of help. It is exciting to see the energy and positive spirit happening here!! This is the best donation ever for RLRR and Karen.....the give of time, compassion, and loads of love. Thank you, each one of you, for your generosity!!!


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