Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ariel: Rescued in the nick of time

On June 19th, Avis, our Redby rescuer called and said she found a young dog ready to give birth at any time abandoned at the Red Lake garbage dump. Avis went back to get her, but she was gone!
Avis spent the next three days searching for her. Ariel had left the garbage dump and went walking down highway 89 in the ditch towards the casino and was seen by several people. Finally, on the third day Avis found her, and Red Lake Rosie's Rescue went to Redby to pick her up and bring her to the vet. The vet expected her to have her puppies in the next day or so.
Although we will never understand how someone could leave this beautiful girl in her condition at the dump- we were so happy to have her!
Pictures of this very sweet girl were sent out to various rescues. Jean Rice of Carver Scott responded and offered a foster home for her. On Friday, June 22nd, Ariel was tucked in her kennel and scheduled to leave in the morning for her transport.
Much to my surprise in the morning, I heard sounds from the kennel and there were seven little newborn babies inside!
Ariel and her babies were loaded in a crate and transported to Cass Lake to meet Jean. When we got there, I was letting Ariel out to take a walk and I noticed there were now NINE pups. Ariel had 2 more on the way!

This was no doubt her first (and LAST!) litter, but she is a wonderful mother.

We want to thank Jean and Carver Scott for taking RLRR dogs and puppies and finding them great homes. Jean also has been a very hardworking volunteer at clinics.

Karen and RLRR

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Avis, Karen, and Jean
for helping little Ariel and babies!!! Hope we get to see some photos of these little ones as they grow.


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