Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom for Annabelle

Late this Friday afternoon Red Lake Rosie's Rescue got a call that someone had a dog that they wanted us to pick up. Unfortunately, the dog was located on the far side of the reservation, which meant a long drive there, then to the vet and then back to the shelter. The weather was not cooperating; it was windy and raining.
It was poor timing and there was no negotiating with the owner on meeting us halfway. So Kevin and I began our journey to find a sweet little girl we named Annabelle.

We found her with a chain around her neck that had grown in. The smell of  infection made us sick to our stomaches. But Annabelle, in spite of her suffering, was wagging her tail and making the best of her situation. She was loaded with hundreds of ticks and had sores from the chain and the ticks all over her body.
We were so happy when she was freed from the chain at the vet and the wounds were cleaned. We washed out her ears and picked off many ticks.
Dr. Danielle did a great job and we knew that Annabelle will be a very happy girl when she wakes up freed from the horrible chain that had been hurting her for months. We were so thankful to learn that she was negative for lymes, heartworm, and anaplasmosis.
We got home 4 hours later and felt that not a minute was wasted!
Thank you to the supporters of Red lake animals that help us provide emergency medical care for animals such as dear Annabelle. We are hoping a rescue will take her real soon and we know they will not regret having her.

Sincerely, Karen and RLRR

NOTE FROM DENISE: Without donations from our supporters, animals like Annabelle would have no hope. Since most of the animals rescued by RLRR go to other rescues, we don't have income from those adoptions. Grants are more often available for spay/neuter, but emergency medical care is absolutely dependent on donations. I want to join Karen in thanking you for your continued generous support. You are helping some of the neediest animals and they are right here in Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet, brave little girl. Thank you Kevin and Karen for this
incredible rescue. A bright future awaits this little girl thanks to the two of you!

Jo Tallchief said...

My anger stuff goes off the scale when I see this kind of treatment. Thank you Karen for negotiating with the owner & going all the way out to pick up this sweet doggie. You're awesome! ^_^


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