Monday, July 1, 2013

Everything's coming up roses for Dixie

At the end of May the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue van made a trip to Red Lake to drop food and also pick up unwanted animals. That day I saw a young little female shep that broke my heart. She was very hungry and had a broken front leg. You could tell it was an old wound as her leg had healed crooked.
Dixie at RLRR
She had no collar and it was apparent that no one cared for her, so I picked her up. I named her Dixie and she went to the RLRR shelter that day.
Dixie's crooked leg
Thankfully when Dr. Vicki came up on Memorial Day, she took Dixie back to Act V Rescue where Dixie got surgery for her leg and now has a chance for a good life. She rode out with Dr. Vickie and Lauren that day and never looked back!

Thank you Dr. Vicki, Act V for helping Dixie.


x-ray before
x-ray after
This is a nasty break. She's lyme positive and scabies too.Dixie's leg surgery was 1 1/2 hours long by a board certified surgeon. He got her leg straightened our almost 100%!  

She should do really well. I would estimate her now at 1 1/2 yrs old. Dr. Murphy did an amazing job and I followed up doing the spay.

Dixie is settled in her foster home. She's doing very well - a little drugged ( ) adapting to life inside, on pain meds, post spay, post fracture, wearing a cone AND we've introduced a crate. Whew! Lot's of changes. She's living with a new group of dogs (and strangers) but all in all, it's going fine! One day at a time.


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Anonymous said...

Sweet baby! What a great team to step forward and help her heal, giving her a new life once again. Thank you all.


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